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Elis, Olympia. Circa 235-191 BC. AR Drachm
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Elis, Olympia. Circa 235-191 BC. AR Drachm (4.72 gm). Eagle right earing at hare held in its talons / F-A flanking winged thunderbolt. SNG Copenhagen 426; SNG Delepierre 2229; Dewing 1902. Attractively toned VF

Elis was the site of the Olympic games, held every four years, the most important pan-Hellenic festival of athletics and the arts. Olympia itself was less of a city than a sanctuary to Zeus, supreme god of the Greek pantheon, which had all the necessary stadiums, arenas, and housing facilities to handle the quadrennial influx of athletes, spectators, and tourists. The coins of Olympia were struck only while the Games were in progress, at four-year intervals, forming a series that starts with the Olympiad of 471 BC and stretches, with a few interruptions, to the mid-second century BC. Since the coins were intended to be souvenirs of the Games as well as a medium of exchange, they were engraved and struck to the highest artistic standards of the time. The coins of Olympia therefore combine historical importance and artistry in a unique way

 ex coin galleries 11/29/58 #827

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